Ioannis Michaloudis (Michalous) is a visual artist internationally acknowledged as one of the leaders in Art&NanoScience and the first ever creator and investigator on the application of the NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel in Fine Arts and Design. After receiving the Fulbright “Award for Greek Artists” in 2001 , he had been invited as a Research Fellow by the Centre for Advanced Visual studies at MIT to undertake research on Art&Science. There he discovered the beauty of the nanomaterial silica aerogel and brought it from the labs of NASA to the workshops of Visual Arts and Design. Ηe has participated in 3 Biennales of Art and has been awarded the “Golden Lighthouse” in the XXIV Biennale of Alexandria in Egypt. He has exhibited his artworks in 13 solo international exhibitions and has been invited in more than 25 Art&Science exhibitions and conferences worldwide. 


) ‘Best Creative Work of the Year”, Curtin University, Western Australia, 2012
) “Golden Lighthouse”, 24th Alexandria’s Biennale for Mediterranean Countries, Egypt, 2007
) Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “Dean”, “Provost for the Arts”, “Council for the Arts”, (3 awards), MA, USA, 2002
) “Greek Artist’s Award“, W. Fulbright Foundation, USA, 2001


2018 ) (L)imited souls, Glezos tower, Naxos island (Greece), 30/06/18 to 30/09/18

2014 ) Climatic Sculptureality project, exhibition space of Australia, booth 609, in 65th International Astronautical Congress, 29 Sep.-3 Oct, Toronto, Canada.
          ) On Cloud Seven, Perth Town Hall, June 6-13, Perth, Western Australia

2010 ) Sky on Sale, Gallery Oionos, Mars 20 – April 20, Karditsa, Greece, EU

2008 ) (U)topia, Aithousa Technis Athinon, Jan. 26 – Feb 25, Greece, EU.

2007 ) Athens’ Soul, Telecommunications’ Museum, Mars 23-26, St. Petersburg, Russia

2006 ) 11 aer()sculptures, October 3-21, Museum of Cycladic Art, Greece, EU, catalog, curator Mrs. Katerina Koskina

2005 ) First International Astronautical Academy’s (IAA) International Conference, “Impact of Space on Society”, Mars 16-19, 2005, Millenaris & Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary

2004 ) 7th ESG Conference on Glass Science & Technology, April 25-28, Athens Greece, EU

2003 ) 7th International Symposium on Aerogels, November 2-5, Alexandria, VA, USA
          ) (Nob)Odyssey’s, theater installation, La Mama theater, New York, N.Y, U.S.A

2000 ) Adam and Chalima, director Magda Mavroyanni, Opera of Athens Greece, EU

1995 ) (L)egaux & l’ego, theater installation, City University of Paris, France, EU

1994 ) In the Circulation of Red Trees, project in situ, City University of Paris, France, EU,


2021 ) (C)osmosis installation, The Tides of The Century, Ocean Flower Island Museum, Danzhou, Hainan Province, China, Feb. 8-Dec. 8, 2021
   curator Katerina Koskina.

2018 ) CAVS 50th anniversary, MIT Museum, MA USA, (Feb 2018-February 25, 2019),

2017 ) Science as Art, Material Research Society Spring Meeting, Phoenix Arizona, USA, 17-20 Apr. 2017

          ) Daedalus project, Maylands, Fringe Festival, Perth, Western Australia, 7-17/2/2017

          ) 3rd Pulses of Art, exhibition of 29 Onassis’ Foundation Scholars / Artists, Onassis Cardio-chirurgical Center, Athens, Greece, Nov. 22 to Jan. 30, 2017.

2016 ) 4th International Festival of NanoArt, University Babes Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 4-14/09/2016,

2014 ) mission [SPACE x ART]-beyond Cosmologies, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo 07/06 -31/08, catalog, p. 230

2013 ) Design Shanghai 2013 Biennale, Aesthetics City: Inter-School Community, Power Station of Art, Shanghai China, 3 Dec. 2013 till 30 Mar. 2014, interactive installation: “Touch Your Cloud”, invited artist, ISBN 978-7-5322-8895-3, catalog p.353

          ) 6th ACM Siggraph Asia 2013, Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China, 20-22 Nov, interactive installation: “Talking with the Rusted Cloud”
           (peer-reviewed), ACM ISBN: 978-1-4503-2511-0, curator Mark Havez, and

2012 ) 3rd International Art and Science Exhibition and Symposium 2012, China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing, China, invited artist, ISBN 978-7-112-14756-4, pp.66-67

2011 ) Amber Festival: Next ecology, Istanbul, Turkey, Nov. 4-13 catalog

          ) Kinetica Art Fair 2011, Ampica P3, London, England, EU, Feb. 5-8, catalog

2010 ) Terra Nova, Galerie Wedding, Berlin, Germany, EU,

2009 ) A Paler Shade of White, Foundation Bellonia, Santorini island, Greece, EU catalog, curator Mrs. Iris Kritikou

2007 ) XXIV Mediterranean Countries Biennale of Art, Alexandria, Egypt, Golden Lighthouse Award, catalog

          ) Trilogy Mediterraneenne, Athens, Marseille, Cairo, February to April, Palais des Arts, Marseille, France, EU, catalog

          ) Bio-morphes, June, 1-30, Cheapart Gallery, Athens Greece, EU

          ) Unfair, March 16-25, Athens Imperial Hotel, Greece, EU

2005 ) Space Art @ 56th International Astronautical Congress, IAC2005, Oct.16-21, Fukuoka, Japan

          ) Space Artists: the Cultural Frontiers of Space Travel, SETI Institute, February 12, Mountain View, CA, USA

2002 ) Sky Art conference 2002, European Cultural Center of Delphi & Icaria, Greece, EU, catalog by MIT Press,

          ) Pulses of Art, 17 artists-scholars, Onassis Cardiac Center, Athens, Greece, EU, catalog

1999 ) Bonds of Art, 21 artists-scholars of the A.S.Onassis Foundation, artwork (Υ)φαίνεσθαι and site-specific installation: M(ed)use, Arts Centre of the Municipality of Athens, Greece, EU, catalog

1996 ) Salon de Jeune Peinture ’96, Espace Quai Branly, interactive installation: Exp(l)oser, Paris, France, EU, catalog

1994 ) Greek Painters & Sculptors in Paris, House of Europe, Paris, EU, catalog

1993 ) 4th Biennale of Visual Arts Academies, Maastricht, Holland, EU, catalog

1992 ) Fashion & Environment, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Holland, EU, catalog

          ) Portrait of Arts Décos School, Musée des Monuments, Paris, France, EU, catalog



) Two of his artworks are selected to be part of the MoonArk project and will be rocketed to the moon before in 2020, cf.
) 6th ACM Siggraph Asia 2013, Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, China, 20-22 Nov. 2013, interactive installation Talking with the Rusted Cloud,
) “Golden Lighthouse Award”, XXIV Alexandria’s Biennale for Mediterranean Countries, Egypt, installation Prelude for Cello and Three Violins
11 Aer( )sculptures, solo exhibition in the Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, EU, Oct. 3-21, 2006 curator: Mrs.Katerina Koskina
) “Greek Artists Award“, W. Fulbright Foundation, USA, 2001